Jewish Peace Fellowship


These publications are for sale from the JPF. Order directly: JPF, Box 271, Nyack, N.Y. 10960;

"Can A Jew Be A Conscientious Objector?"
A pamphlet for every young Jew who seeks to relate his living commitment to the spirit of Judaism. ($0.50 per copy plus $1.00 for shipping)

"Judaism and Peacemaking" by June Stillman
An introduction to different perspectives on peace from the Jewish tradition, for any reader, whether Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or other. ($1.00 per copy plus $1.00 for shipping)

"Nonviolent Activist: The Heart & Mind of Edward Feder"
(The writings of a longtime Jewish pacifist) Edited by Murray Polner & Naomi Goodman. ($7.00 per copy plus $1.00 for shipping)

"Peace, Justice and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition"
Edited by Murray Polner and Stefan Merken. A landmark collection of contemporary progressive Jewish thought written by activists from Israel, the U.S. and the U.K. Publishers Weekly called it "literate, thought-provoking" and "by no means homogeneous" and which looked at "from all angles, the idea that editors Polner and Merken believe reflect the most basic attitude in our Jewish heritage." Publishers Weekly concluded: "There is much to learn here for anyone, Jew or Gentiles, interested in global issues of peace and justice." ($25.00 per copy plus $5.00 for shipping)

"Roots of Jewish Nonviolence"

Edited by Murray Polner, Stefan Merken and Alan Solomonow
Explores the Judaic tradition of peace, justice and nonviolence. It includes the writings of five rabbis:  Phillip J. Bentley’s  “Fixing the World,”  Everett Gendler's "Therefore Choose Life,"  Michael Robinson’s, “ Living Nonviolently,” and Sheila Peltz Weinberg’s “Judaism, Feminism, and Peace in the Nuclear Age”.  Also included is Rabbi (and former Professor of Judaic Studies at Washington University) Steven S. Schwarzschild ($5.00 per copy and $2.00 for shipping)

"The Challenge of Shalom: The Jewish Tradition of Peace & Justice"
Edited by Murray Polner & Naomi Goodman, traces the deep and powerful tradition of Jewish nonviolence. It includes sections on the Tradition, the Holocaust, Israel, reverence for all life as well as personal testimonies. It will inspire people of all faiths rooted in justice and compassion. ($15.00 per copy and $5.00 for shipping)

"Wrestling With Your Conscience: A Guide for Jewish Draft Registrants and Conscientious Objectors"
Features the most recent Selective Service regulations plus articles on Can a Jew Be a CO?; the Jewish Pursuit of Peace; Judaism and War; Registration at 18; What if the Draft is Reinstated? Israeli Refusers; What the JPF can do for you, and much more. ($7.00 plus $2.00 for postage 5 or more books, $5.00 each plus $5 for postage)